USA Road Trip SPECIAL – Driving the Las Vegas Strip at Night in 4K

USA Road Trip 2018 SPECIAL - Driving the Las Vegas Boulevard, aka Las Vegas Strip, at Night - October 10th, 2018 | Please Subscribe ➤

Many of the largest Hotel, Casino, and Resorts in the world are located on the Las Vegas Strip, known for its architecture, lights, and many attractions. Its Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Residential high-rises, Entertainment offerings, and Skyline have established the Strip as one of the most popular and iconic tourist destinations in the world and is one of the driving forces for the Las Vegas economy.


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USA Road Trip 2018:
• Leg 1 - Omak WA to Moses Lake WA in 4K:
• Leg 2 - Moses Lake WA to Madras OR in 4K:
• Leg 3 - Madras OR to Lakeview OR in 4K:
• Leg 4 - Lakeview OR to Reno NV in 4K:
• Leg 5 - Reno NV to Bishop CA in 4K:
• Leg 6 - Bishop CA to Ontario CA in 4K:
• Leg 7 - Ontario CA to Phoenix AZ in 4K:
• Leg 8 - Phoenix AZ to Kingman AZ in 4K:
• SPECIAL - Drive through the Airplane Boneyard in Kingman AZ in 4K:
• Leg 9 - Kingman AZ - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas NV in 4K:
• SPECIAL - Driving the Las Vegas Strip at Night in 4K:
• Leg 10 - Las Vegas NV to Wendover UT in 4K:
• Leg 11 - Wendover UT to Boise ID in 4K:
• Leg 12 - Boise ID to Moses Lake WA in 4K:
• Leg 13 - Moses Lake WA to Penticton BC Canada in 4K:

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