Drive across Western Switzerland on a gloomy day from Châtel-St-Denis to Payerne

Jump into the driver's seat on this cloudy day as we drive across the Western part of Switzerland from Châtel-St-Denis to Payerne 🛑Please Subscribe➤

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy watching this FULL-length scenic road trip video in 4K quality. This Relaxing Video is best watched on a 4K big-screen TV with your legs stretched out on a big comfy couch. Optional, mute the video sound and play your favorite music along with the video.

***** Route Info *****
◎ Drive Date: September 2022
◎ Start: Châtel-St-Denis, Canton of Fribourg - Switzerland
◎ End: Payerne, Canton of Vaud - Switzerland
◎ Drive Distance from Châtel-St-Denis to Payerne: 42 km / 26 mi
◎ Drive Time from Châtel-St-Denis to Payerne: 52 Minutes
◎ Route:

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