Driving from Prutz Austria to Reschensee Italy with its Submerged Church Tower

This drive brings us from Prutz, Tyrol Austria along the Inn river to the Reschensee, aka Lago di Resia, aka Lake Reschen in South Tyrol, Italy. The artificial Reschensee is well known for its submerged 14th-century church steeple which once belonged to the village of Curon (Graun). Curon was torn down prior to flooding the land that became the Reschensee | Please Subscribe ➤https://bit.ly/3azRH8e​​

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Route Info:
◎ Drive Date: July 18, 2019
◎ Start: Prutz, Tyrol - Austria
◎ End: Reschensee, South Tyrol - Italy
◎ Drive Distance: 39 km / 24 mi
◎ Drive Time: 44 min
◎ Route: https://goo.gl/maps/oitVUszytNPHiKbSA

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